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East Stage

Avenue Six Studios’ East Stage allows for 7,000 square feet of available shooting space. Featuring light wood laminate flooring and a 33.5’ x 18’ cove, the East Stage also has a 12’ x 12’ bay door for easy loading and unloading and an overhead lighting grid height of 16 feet. Extensive sound deadening insulation on the ceiling, AC ducting on the roof and sound deadening doors make this stage an ideal location for any film, television or commercial shoot. Located inside the East Stage is a production room that does double duty as a client or talent holding room and a spacious dressing/makeup room with two stylist stations. Adjacent to the stage are production offices, an additional client/talent lounge with holding areas and the staging warehouse.

East Stage Cove

Our 33.5′ wide x 23′ deep x 14′ high cove has an overhead lighting grid. The right side of the cove area has been finished with a white cinder block wall which adds the option of shooting from the left side of the cove into the white block wall.

East Stage Cove

East Stage Cove Images

East Stage Kitchen

The newly remodeled Kitchen Set on our East Stage features a  fully-functional gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a rolling island. The flexible layout offers multiple shooting options while additional stage walls and a custom Kino Flo lit window adds versatility.

East Stage Kitchen

East Stage Kitchen Images

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East Stage Kitchen Layout

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