We can help create your look using our unique and versatile sets in conjunction with the plethora of elements and accessories available. We can provide an in-house stylist, who works closely with our art department to make your shoot a breeze. Choose from our selection of modern accents including small accessories, plants, lamps, tables, chairs, and wall art.  Our stock of elements consists of a variety of hard and soft floor coverings, and a multitude of wall, door and window configurations. Choose from a variety of custom scenic backgrounds also available which range from high-rise loft views to suburban backyards.

Equipment List

Please click below to find out our lighting/grip equipment list and rate sheet to make your experience a breeze.

Facility Layout

Includes North, South, East, West, Backlot, Coves, Green Screens, Kitchens, Warehouse, Offices, Conference room, and parking lot.

Stage Elements

Our elements consist of a variety of hard/soft floor coverings, and a multitude of wall, door, & window configurations.


Choose from a variety of custom scenic backgrounds also available which range from high-rise loft views to suburban backyards.


Come relax with us in our comfortable climate controlled environment.  We offer wireless internet connection, snacks, drinks and catering can always be arranged ahead of time.  Our goal is to make you, the client, satisfied with your experience here at Avenue Six Studios.




Let’s make something great together.

Our Prices

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premium products and quality service for your business.

Film/Video Rate

$ 2,370 12 hrs day
1 shooting day
dressing make up room
production office
Secured Parking lot

Three smaller stages with ample ancillary space, parking and services. They’re right off the 405 and even have a New York street. They work with you to make sure you have everything you need. I shot a pilot here and hope to be back soon!

Cara G.

I’ve shot at a good number of Studios in the area, and I have to say that Avenue 6 is one of the best.  It is our go to place for a number of reasons.

The space is great, there are a huge amount of props on location, the prices are reasonable, and Samantha and her crew couldn’t be more accommodating.  She is so friendly and never tries to nickle and dime us.

When it works out that we are able to shoot at Avenue Six, I always feel relieved because it makes everything so easy.  I definitely recommend it.

Robert K.

My daughter and I came to Avenue Six Studios a few months back to film a large scale SAG commercial.  I was very impressed at how friendly everyone we came in contact with were with both of us and how organized and smooth the entire shoot ran from their easily accessible abundance of street parking to their friendly crew making sure that the child actors (as well as their parents) were well accommodated and comfortable throughout the day.  The crew was also very good about keeping communication lines open with the parents, so we knew what to expect while we were there.  Definitely a pleasurable experience and we look forward to the next time we have to work there!

Tamara P.