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The diverse array of available stages at Avenue Six Studios includes our New York City inspired backlot, the East Stage featuring 6,000 square feet of light laminate flooring and a fully functioning kitchen, the North Sound Stage with green screen cyclorama, the South Stage with conference room and numerous ready-to-shoot office spaces and cubicles and a new West Stage featuring an additional 3,000 plus feet of shooting space.


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Who is Behind All This?

Our professional Team

Experienced team bring efficiencies to very busy, high volume workflows, reducing costs and ensuring quality of imagery and videos. From Negotiating rates, executing agreements, coordinating payments, scheduling and maintaining the studio workflow are met with high efficiency.
We work closely with our clients to provide an environment that meets their needs and allows them to work easily.


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Walls Painted

Three smaller stages with ample ancillary space, parking and services. They’re right off the 405 and even have a New York street. They work with you to make sure you have everything you need. I shot a pilot here and hope to be back soon!

Cara G.