Stage Elements

Elevate Your Production With Dynamic Set Design

Avenue Six Studios is at the forefront of offering versatile and dynamic set pieces and stage elements that cater to a myriad of creative visions. From cinematic masterpieces to compelling commercials, our extensive range of set designs and props ensures that your project is not only visually stunning but also deeply immersive.

Versatile Architectural Elements

Our collection includes arched walls and windows, bringing an elegant and classical vibe to any set. The brick and metal walls add texture and depth, perfect for creating gritty urban scenes or sleek, modern backdrops. Interior and glass doors provide transitions and functionality, enhancing the realism of your set.

Our Architectural Elements Include:

  • Arched Walls
  • Windows (Modern and Rustic)
  • Brick Walls
  • Metal Walls
  • Interior Doors
  • Glass Double Doors
  • Fireplace Walls
  • Loft-Style Window Walls
  • Room Dividers
  • And More

Captivating Decor and Structure

Elevate your scenes with walls that feature built-in fireplaces for a cozy, intimate setting, or opt for loft-style window walls for a touch of contemporary elegance. Room dividers and mobile staircases are available to delineate space and add layers to your set design, offering flexibility in storytelling.

Additional Decor Elements Include:

  • Room Dividers
  • Mobile Staircases
  • Mobile Walls
  • Various Wall Flats
  • Round Platforms
  • Columns
  • And More

Innovative Mobility and Customization

With mobile walls and various wall flats, our stage elements allow for quick changes and adaptability, supporting the dynamic nature of film production. Round platforms and staircases add vertical interest and are ideal for scenes requiring movement or a focal point. Columns bring a touch of grandeur and can be used to define spaces or add architectural interest.

Bring Your Vision to Life

At Avenue Six Studios, we’re committed to supporting your creative endeavors with our comprehensive selection of stage elements. Our aim is to provide a foundation for your imagination, where every detail contributes to the storytelling experience. Contact us today to explore how our stage elements can transform your next production into an unforgettable visual journey.